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Our Story

From our laboratory in Pennsylvania, comes the latest e-liquid to take the vaping community by storm … CLONED Premium e-liquid!

Our staff, with over 10 years combined vaping experience, heard a common  plea from our customers. They wanted a e-liquid that would dance on the  tongue, offering a mixture bold flavors with every puff, subtle notes upon  exhale, and a nice, thick vapor cloud to round out the experience. AND, they wanted all of this at a lower price.

We listened! We found a way to replicate the most popular e-liquid flavors  on the market today. With two convenient sized bottles (30ml and 60ml) and  four nicotine levels (0mg/ml, 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, and 12mg/ml), our high VG line of e-liquids uses only the highest quality USP/Kosher grade ingredients to produce the highest quality flavors as good as the original at a better price.